Global sysops are trusted users on Orain with a strong track record of cross-wiki contributions that have sysop privileges on public wikis, for the purposes of antivandalism and routine maintenance. However, global sysops will not act on a wiki without a request from the local community.


Global sysops have the ability to:

  • Block/unblock a user
  • Delete/undelete a page
  • RevDel
  • and more (see Administrators).


Even though global sysops technically hold sysop privileges on every wiki, it is not always appropriate for them to perform administrator actions (e.g. deleting a page or blocking a user). The global sysop flag is given to users to combat global vandalism and assist communities where a local sysop may not exist (or does exist but isn't around to take care of the issue). Global sysops will not block a user for minor vandalism unless it is a global issue, or unless a request comes from the local community without an active sysop.

Our goal is for our global right holders to remain as invisible as possible. Local communities should have discretion as to what happens within the boundaries of their wikis. Should a global sysop feel that an action is absolutely necessary, they may use their discretion and perform that action. In such a case, it is recommended that they leave a note on that community's Administrators' noticeboard, Community portal, or similarly appropriate page. If they feel that such an action may cause controversy, it is preferred to simply recommend to the local administrators that an action be taken, or to post to the Stewards' noticeboard where a steward may make a more authoritative judgement call.


If a local wiki does not have an active administrator, one of its members may post a request for intervention at SN for review. If the matter is urgent, and may need steward attention, please post your request on the Stewards' noticeboard.

List of global sysops

Name IRC nick Languages spoken
Jasper Deng Jasper_Deng/JD|cloud en-N, fr-2
TBloemink TBloemink nl-N, en-4, de-1

Note: An always up-to-date list may be found at Special:GlobalUsers/global-sysop.

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