Comment This page contains information which is out of date.

Orain as a community is always changing and as a result, Orain as a technical infrastructure needs to change to match this as well.

Site updates were originally started in early 2014 but never used actively. As of August 2014, Site updates will now be regular monthly updates sent on the first of each month by a system administrator detailing the latest changes to Orain either as an entity, as a community or as a technical infrastructure.

Updates will include things such as:

  • New extensions installed on the farm.
  • Changes to the software such as upgrades.
  • New opportunities provided by the staff or community.
  • Notable events upcoming or recently occurred.
  • Notes from staff regarding possible expansions; upgrades; planned downtimes etc.
  • Updates on recent issues such as downtimes; technical issues etc.

See the signup instructions how to subscribe to these updates. The list of users who will receive these updates can be found at /List.