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See /var/log/*


  • See /var/log/mediawiki/*
  • Also see /var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/*

Mediawiki logs are split up on a wiki by wiki basis. You can find these logs by using the wiki db name.

Some logs will not appear in these wiki logs but rather in grouped log files. See $wgDebugLogGroups in LocalLogging.php for current deployed details.

For example

$wgDebugLogGroups = array(
        '404' => '/var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/404.log',
        'api' => '/var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/api.log',
        'captcha' => '/var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/captcha.log',
        'CirrusSearch' => '/var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/CirrusSearch.log',
        'exception' => '/var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/exception.log',