User:Lieutenant S. Reznov/Privacy policy for nazi pseudohistory wiki

Privacy protection for the documented

At this wiki, we believe in exposing the arguments of Nazi sympathizers, never the Nazis themselves. We do not allow real names or the connecting of multiple accounts, even when multiple usernames are openly admitted to or real names are used when writing apologetic material.

We also do not believe that Nazi apologists should be haunted by permanent records of their previous activities. If a Nazi deletes their blog or website, or their site is dormant, any articles about their propaganda will be deleted.

If someone uses their real name as their only name when writing Nazi propaganda, editors must make up a username.

Nazi Pseudohistory Exposed will not contribute to real life harassment of anyone, no matter how vile or insidious their propaganda tactics are; if any Nazi is ever doxxed, their article will be deleted. The purpose is to expose Nazi apologetic arguments and mongering, not to cause real life harm.

Use of usernames

The use of usernames and names of blogs and websites is a necessity for warning people about them. However, editors may never include actual usernames or website names if those names including anything that could include the real name of the Nazi. For example, if a Nazi apologetic blog is called "Bob's Blog," you must come up with a new name for it, at least in the article. It is also absolutely forbidden to ever try to connect usernames or any sort of identities, as this is not necessary for the purpose of the wiki, and can lead to doxxing. For example, you may never say "The author was also responsible for the blog about the bombing of Dresden."

Zero tolerance policy

Posting any information that could lead to uncovering the real life identity of any Nazi will result in a permanent ban.

Attempting to suggest, even as a joke, that the Germans deserved any of the atrocities committed against them for the crimes that they committed will result in a permanent ban. A central point of Nazi apologetics is the idea that society and historians are operating under the idea that the Germans somehow deserved the atrocities that were committed against them. Making such a statement gives credibility and apparent proof to Nazi apologetic arguments and will not be tolerated.