Forum:Steward Activity

I propose we create standards on stewards activity and re-evaluate Kudu. His activity is extremely low ( goes back to 1 and half years ago easily) and he seems to contribute nothing. For a community-driven wiki that is meant to be open, there seems to be a dictatorship on how Joe G. said 'if staff decide, then we will'. --TimothyTwo

First off, don't put words in my mouth. There is not an established procedure on how to re-evaluate stewards - that is why the staff would have to see a legitimate reason for it in order to develop and implement a proper procedure. There are also extraneous circumstances surrounding the previous discussion that I am not at liberty to discuss, but I can say that it makes that discussion invalid. I have said this before, Kudu and Dusti are the founders of Orain and are the current project leaders. This makes it difficult to re-evaluate them since they are not "just stewards". I've said this before. Dusti and Kudu do a lot of work behind the scenes that the average community member doesn't see. I'll put this out there, I am 100% opposed to re-evaluating Kudu or Dusti at this time (and at any other time, for that matter). This is not a dictatorship, but there are certain times that the staff need to be the final decision makers. Re-evaluating stewards is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. That being said, the community is welcome to discuss this, but please keep in mind the above points. There is not currently an established procedure for re-evaluating, so that may need to be developed first or during this discussion. Also, I need you to login to your account. IPs posting a re-evaluation request is generally not good practice and generally are taken quite lightly. Thank you, -- Joe G. (Talk) 18:42, 22 July 2015 (BST)