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In August, Orain migrated to a new datacenter and host. With this, came the need to expand out instead of upwards and previously done. As a result; we decided to get two database masters running Orain's wikis. This also allows us to add in slaves and other masters wherever necessary in future.

Currently Orain has two clusters; c1 and c2.


Most of Orain's wikis run on cluster 1.


allthetropeswiki only runs on cluster 2. We may use this cluster to host other large wikis which need 'dedicated' resources or to host centralauth and globalblocking tables in future. The idea of this cluster is to serve as a 'we need space on c1, fall back to c2 for active wikis' so active wikis get more resources with regards to the database instead of running off server with a hundred small wikis.

Cluster details can be see at

To see some databases sizes go to /Sizes