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The list of current MediaWiki extensions can be seen at here.

How to enable an extension

Download it

  • Make sure there is a git repo. If the extension is only downloadable from outside GitHub/Wikimedia Git (like a zipped file on an external website), create a repository for it first.
  • Edit this file by specifying the git repo URL, version and the path where the extension should be cloned.
  • If it is an extension which should be enabled on ALL wikis, edit this file. If it should only be enabled on one or multiple but not all wikis, edit this file. In the last case, be sure you enable it always on extloadwiki!
  • Run update.php to update the database scheme if needed, which can be done by running /usr/bin/php5 /srv/mediawiki/w/maintenance/update.php --quick --wiki yourwikidb or /home/www-scripts/ /srv/mediawiki/w/maintenance/update.php --quick (the last one is for ALL wikis)
  • Check if everything works as expected. If not, look in the /var/log/mediawiki directory for debugging the issue. Issues affecting the basic working of a wiki should never happen, please consider to revert your commits immediately if needed!


  • Please check on mediawikiwiki if the extension is known to have security flaws. XSS or SQL injection, no one may appear on Orain! If you want to fix the flaws yourself, please submit your extension patch as a pull request so others can review it!