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A wiki is considered to be dormant if it has had no activity (edits or logged actions) within a 30-day period. Wikis will be notified after 15 days of inactivity in order to allow a wiki to kick start its activity.

After 30 days of inactivity, the wiki in question will be locked per inactivity and a notice should be placed in the site's notice informing the community of this, what can be done to get the wiki back and what will happen.

Once a wiki has been locked for inactivity, any user of the community may request they take over the wiki. Such requests can be made at the Stewards' noticeboard or to a steward through IRC. If a request is made through IRC, the steward who has actioned on the take over should formally inform other stewards of this before they new user is given rights.

After 6 months of inactivity, a wiki may be permanently deleted from the network unless a request is made for archival where the wiki will be kept on the network indefinitely or until such a request becomes outdated.

Once a dormant wiki is taken over, a steward will look at all users who are right holders (sysops and bureaucrat mainly). If a user was given rights per a local consensus, a steward can not remove those rights from that user, such a decision should be left up to the new owner. If a user was given rights directly from the existing owner, a steward should remove those user rights unless requested by the new owner not to.

Guidance for Stewards

  1. Verify that the user requesting the takeover is a user of that community or is an active participant in another Orain wiki including meta.
  2. The wiki should be unlocked.
  3. Assign yourself local bureaucrat so removal of sysops and addition of bureaucrat for the new owner are logged locally. Feel free to do a dummy log at meta.
  4. Remove all local users' rights if they were assign by the old owner with no local discussion.
  5. Post at Stewards' noticeboard about the take over.
  6. Assign the new owners' rights.
  7. Remove your local bureaucrat unless the owner explicitly states you can keep them. In such case, a note at the noticeboard should also be made.

Useful template

When closing a wiki please let the wiki know by using Template:Dormant wiki, so that people on the wiki know, and people that want to adopt it know