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Blocking enables administrators to either temporarily or permanently restrict a users priviliages to edit on Orain Meta. Blocks can be applied to either registered or unregistered users. Users who are blocked can still continue to access Orain's website(s), but they will not be able to make edits, request wikis, or post to talk pages. In some cases, users may still be able to post to their own talk page so they can request to be unblocked.

More about blocks

Blocks are meant to protect the project (Orain), it's wikis, and the overall community. Blocks should only be applied when it's clear that the user isn't contributing to the project in good faith, and is likely to continue this behavior unless blocked.

Users should not be restricted from editing their talk page or emailing users unless they have specifically demonstrated a need to have these additional restrictions applied. (talk page vandalism, abuse of unblock requests)

Blocks should not be made if

  • You are involved in a dispute with the user
  • You are involved in the situation with the user
  • The sole reason for the block surrounds only you and the user
  • The situation is "cold" (i.e. the user has long since stopped the behavior and the block no longer serves a preventative purpose)

Common reasons individuals are blocked

  • Vandalism
  • Pure disruption
  • Threats made toward users, third parties, or the project itself
    • Note that credible threats against the project or other entities should be handled with indefinite blocks and Stewards should be immediately notified of the threat
  • Copyright violations
  • Compromised accounts
    • Note that these types of blocks should be removed as soon as the owner of the account is confirmed and account security has been restored
  • Enforcement of Steward sanctions
    • Note that special ToU blocks may be enforced by Stewards and should not be removed by non-Stewards. Questions regarding Terms of Use blocks should be directed to staff(at)Orain.org
  • Open proxies
  • Compromise of private information

Appealing a block

Users who have talk page access may place {{unblock|unblock reason here}} on his or her talk page to request that they be unblocked. Simply requesting an unblock does not guarantee that you will be unblocked. Those who, for whatever reason, do not have access to his or her talk page should email staff(at)orain.org to discuss their block(s).