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Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure the correct processing of your request.

  • Check that the username you are requesting does not yet exist, or has no edits. This may be done via the search function at Special:ListUsers; if the name appears in the list, even if the link is red, the name is taken. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of the username, as the software does not permit usernames that begin with a lowercase letter. Do not create an account under the new name.
  • To have your username changed, add a request and follow the instructions.

Effects of a username change:

  • When the rename has been completed, your account will have been renamed, and any contributions you have made (including deleted contributions) will be reattributed to your new account as a background process. Your account preferences, watchlist contents, password, etc. will all be preserved, and your user and user talk pages will have been moved to the new name (unless specifically asked not to).
  • The change will appear in the user rename log. There is no way to rename accounts without logging the change.