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Dated 1 September 2014

Orain would like to reinforce and re-state it's dedication and commitment to it's community. As such, we are promising and declaring the following:


  • Orain will always be ad-free. Orain will not force any wiki, user, or community to view ads that they do not wish to view. We may, in the future, create a userright where users may voluntarily view ads on an individual basis - but that will be voluntary and not forced.


  • Orain will always be free to use and edit. We will never charge our users or community fees for our services. We are committed to remaining free and open-source. Should Orain ever come into a situation where funding is in jeopardy, I, as the co-founder - pledge to fund Orain until it's self-driven again.


  • We are for the community and ran by the community. All of our actions, decisions, and operations will forever remain open for public scrutiny.

Open and Uninvolved

  • We are always open to new ideas and to the thoughts, needs, and ideas of our community. Local communities are exactly that - local. Decisions made by a local community will always be respected on a staff level. Their policies, procedures, decisions will forever remain theirs, as will their content. Orain will never interfere with local communities unless steps need to be taken to avoid intentional collateral damage. Further, should a community decide they are no longer happy with our services, we will provide the necessary tools, support, and data to allow them to move on with their endeavors, whether that be on their own, or with another provider.


  • What's yours is yours. Orain does not, and will never claim ownership over your data. When local communities create content, that content is licensed to that community. Orain will never try to change the licensing of that content and will always support those communities should they have issues with their licensing. Further, when those communities wish to leave, as stated above, they'll be able to take their content with them. Orain's staff will provide exports in whatever format that community requests providing it is reasonable and possible.

The above commitments are irreversible. Further commitments may always be added, so long as they are discussed and approved by the community and are beneficial to the community.

For Orain and the Staff,
Dustin A. Muniz
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