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The site logo of the wiki can be configured using JavaScript, without waiting for Orain staff to set the logo manually. There is already a script that can do this.

Things to keep in mind when using an image for the site logo
  • Make sure that the image is uploaded somewhere that is stable and secure
    • Make sure that the file will not be deleted, moved, or overwritten
    • If the image is hosted on the wiki, make sure that you place sysop level upload protection on it
    • Be very careful about what website the image is hosted on. The owners of the website that the image is hosted on can gain information about visitors to your wiki if it is hosted somewhere disreputable. This can even result in gaining the IP addresses of specific users.
Using the script to set the wiki logo
  1. Copy the script located here:
  2. Go to the MediaWiki:Vector.js page on your wiki
  3. Paste the script into the page
  4. Edit the imgURL variable to include the URL to the image. Make sure that this is the URL to the file, not to a page that the image is displayed on.