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Comment Deleting a wiki is very serious work, as no one would like it their wiki being deleted with no reason. Please make sure the request for deletion is legitimate, and that you are deleting the right wiki. You are responsible for being sure everything goes perfectly. If the wiki (MariaDB database) is deleted, it cannot be reversed - all data is immediately gone. If in doubt about who should perform the actions listed here, please consult one of the other sysadmins (like John or Addshore).


First, SSH to a mediawikiserver. The list of databases to be deleted should be available at Orain Meta, which is available in raw format at /srv/mediawiki/w/deleted.dblist. Please be sure the lists are okay.

Delete all entries from CentralAuth

A maintenance script is available for this.

  • php5 /srv/mediawiki/w/maintenance/Orain/removeDeletedWikis.php --wiki loginwiki (don't change "loginwiki")

Delete all entries in the ansible-playbook

As the subject says. You can use GitHub's search features to search for any entries. Example: (you should replace "testwiki" with the appropriate databasename).

Deleting the databases

You'll need to connect to the dbserver. This requires a MariaDB user having root privileges. An example to connect:

  • mysql -h -u root -p

Done. The actual command to delete the database is:

  • DROP DATABASE yourdatabase;

Everything needed should be done now. If not, something gone wrong.