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This pages documents all email services hosted on the Orain servers.



MediaWiki mail produced by the system automatically is sent from and is always related to the MediaWiki software.


Staff or those associated with Orain's daily management (sysadmins, council members..) may be given or may make use of Orain emails for official or Orain-related business. Within this, role emails may also be made for specific cases.

End Users

Orain uses Postfix and Dovecot for the email services on prod6. In order to use the Orain mail service on a third party client, the incoming and outgoing mail servers are the same. The hostname is '' and the username and password for connection will be given to you by a sysadmin when the account is set up.

How Tos

This is documentation for sysadmins. All commands should be ran on prod6 unless otherwise stated.

add new email
useradd --create-home -s /sbin/nologin <emailusername>; passwd <emailusername>

<emailusername> is the part before, so would be just 123.

change email password
passwd <emailusername>

To enable an alias, add to the aliases file in the ansible playbook.

mailing lists/groups

Please see Mailman.

disable an email

If you want to fully remove the email, do

userdel -r <emailusername>

and ensure the email is removed from all aliases. To disable it only, do

passwd -l <emailusername>

To undisable the account at a later date, do

passwd -u <emailusername>