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prod7 UK
group redisservers, staticservers and dnsservers
usage redis, static content and dns
status active
ansible yes
memory 1GB
cpu 4 core, 2.4ghz
ssd 30GB
os Ubuntu 14.04
kernel 3.13.0-32-generic
updated 04 April 2015

prod7 is a server in London running Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty).


We run the latest version of Redis from the Ubuntu repository. Redis is set up to handle cache, sessions and job queues for all wikis. The installation is password protected which is a major advantage of memcached which did not have the security provided by Redis.


We run an NFS (Network File System) server on this server. It exports two directories contained within, /var/mediawiki/ and allow remote mounting from Tech:prod8, Tech:prod9 and Tech:prod11. The idea in future is possible to expand NFS to its own server and remotely host major directories such as /home/ and /root/ so data is more easily available to allow servers, we only need to maintain a single directory for things like private variables and code base remotely. This also provides the advantage of allowing us to run a possibly beefy server (nfs server) and have smaller nodes which only have 20GB available in a better way.


The server is a DNS administrative-only server currently operating as It handles all DNS traffic for Orain and its wikis.