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This is a cached copy of the requested page, and may not be up to date (in red)

  1. Try running 'rebuildFileCache.php' over the wiki
  2. If you get the message saying the wiki does not exist see Renaming a database
  3. If the issue persists, fix it!

Mediawiki Magic Word Exceptions

This probably means that the Localisation cache has not updated or someone has enabled an extension on a wiki without it being enabled on extload.

  1. Make sure the extension is included on extloadwiki
  2. If the issue persists run 'rebuildLocalisationCache.php --wiki extloadwiki'
  3. If the issue persists check /var/log/mediawiki/debuglogs/exception.log and fix it!
  4. Don't try to add global user groups to the ansible playbook, this will cause the localisation cache to screw up and need to be re-run. Instead, create them on Orain Meta via the Global User Groups special pages.

Unknown database errors everywhere

  1. Check the dblist located at "/srv/mediawiki/w/all.dblist" looks correct (this should be a list of database|sitename|wikitags)
  2. If this is incorrect and for example the list is HTML then replace the list with the following "metawiki|Orain Meta|"
  3. Once this is saved all wikis should be back once the db_list update script is run (which is on a 1 min cron)
  1. With this commit, metawiki will always be online in the event of the dblist becoming corrupted.

Ansible Playbook doesn't appear to be updating

  1. Is the cronjob for root still there?
  2. Check /var/log/ans-all.log for errors
  3. Fix them (best bet is probably reverting the changes on github that broke it!)

You changed stuff, stuff broke, you dont know why

  1. If it was an extension have you read the documentation and done everything required (update.php, dependancies)
  2. Have you done everything documented currently at our readme
  3. Try manually flushing the APC cache see here
  4. Revert your change! or cry and scream until someone else fixes it

Server/nginx dies or is unresponsive

When this happened the web server seemed to totally inaccessible. Hitting any page would not even show / throw a MW exception, nothing would appear in the nginx, mediawiki or syslogs...

  1. service nginx stop
  2. service nginx start
  3. rebuild i18n if it works - if not, looks as the nginx error.log or syslogs.