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This template is for admins and account creators only; the bot will not process updates for non-admins.

Place the template on either your userpage or user subpage, like so:


Within 24 hours, the bot will create your stats page and update it every 24 hours.

Maintained by User:Cyberbot I, formerly maintained by User:TPBot, User:SQLBot, and User:SoxBot.


By default, the template uses the style given in Template:Adminstats/default. To specify an alternative, use the parameter style=template, e.g.


If the style is a subtemplate of Template:Adminstats, then the style can be specified using the name of the subpage.

Raw styles

To use the values of a given field only, some raw style formats have been set up. For example, to give the number of edits, use the parameter style=raw XXX where XXX specifies the raw number you want.

Full list of raw styles:

  • raw blocked - gives number of users blocked
  • raw created - gives number of users created
  • raw deleted - gives number of pages deleted
  • raw ed+del - gives total number of edits and deleted edits
  • raw edit - gives number of edits (excluding deleted edits)
  • raw modified - gives number of page protection modifications
  • raw protected - gives number of pages protected
  • raw imported - gives number of transwikied and XMLs user has imported.
  • raw reblocked - gives number of users reblocked
  • raw unblocked - gives number of users unblocked
  • raw restored - gives number of pages undeleted
  • raw rights - gives number of user right modifications
  • raw unprotected - gives number of pages unprotected
  • raw renamed - gives the number of users renamed

For example |style=raw blocked gives the number of users blocked.

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