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{{convert/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}||||||s=|r=re|d=list of units/row}} The Template:Convert/list of units/item processes one unit-code to display within the tables of the documentation page {{Convert/list_of_units}} for Template:Convert. The parameters are:

  • T Template:In5 - the unit code
  • note   - a text note to display in the table
  • rowspan - the number of table rows the unit will span
  • altab - the altab
  • us Template:In5- the spelling for a U.S. variation
  • fmtTemplate:In5- beginning markup to format the conversion factor
  • fmtend - ending markup to format the conversion factor
  • d Template:In5 - (internal) template name to format data as a table row

This template invokes a typical conversion of a unit, but rather than converting to another unit, it triggers the display of the internal data used to calculate the specified conversion.