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Putting the following text into the External links section of an article:

{{subst:No more links}}

Will show the following text (visible only while editing):

{{Z148}}<!--     {{No more links}}

       Please be cautious adding more external links.

Wikipedia is not a collection of links and should not be used for advertising. 

     Excessive or inappropriate links will be removed.   

 See [[Wikipedia:External links]] and [[Wikipedia:Spam]] for details.

If there are already suitable links, propose additions or replacements on
the article's talk page, or submit your link to the relevant category at 
the Open Directory Project (dmoz.org) and link there using {{Dmoz}}.


Usage notes


The purpose of this template is to discourage spammers and inexperienced Wikipedians from adding links normally to be avoided. This template does not in any way modify the Wikipedia:External links guideline and does not apply to "What should be linked to" links. This template makes it easier to catch further linkspam added to articles with this template as anonymous users tend to ignore it and blatantly add their links (which now can be and should be treated as spam).


Dmoz is our friend in spam clean-up, not just officially sanctioned but encouraged by the Wikipedia:External links guideline. You can go into a spammed Wikipedia article, delete all the spam links and then tell everyone "Take it to Dmoz" and add a Dmoz link. This approach reduces the hassles of arguing over a lot of marginal or even spam links one by one.

Template popularity

This template is a substituted template so the "What links here" option does not reflect the template's true popularity. From 15:40, 4 March 2012 (UTC) the tracking template {{Z148}} is transcluded when this template is substituted.

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