Top 5 Wiki Ships of Spring 2024!

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Can love bloom on a wiki? Of course it can! And we've got the deets for you, with the hottest wiki relationships that you've all been talking about. These are the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, and some other metaphor that involves cream. Simply the best!

So let's get started, starting with the #5 wiki ship of all time (or this year anyway):

5. Western Digital Green ❤️ Hardware Failure

These hard drives, wow they like to fail. Remember that db141 incident? Yikes! So many wikis lost. Even at the very end, as our servers moved away from ServerChoice to Fiberstate, these disks were starting to fail on us at the very end. A love that will never die... unless the disk dies first.

4. Harej ❤️ RFCs

Wow does this guy like RFCs, writing page after wikipage after wikipage of them for the WikiTide Foundation. So many topics, from moderation to dormancy. They even pass too, which means the RFCs love him back. Isn't true love beautiful?

3. New Users ❤️ Wikipedia Infoboxes

When creating the content for new wikis, our new users love to import infoboxes from Wikipedia. But while Wikipedia templates are hot and sexy, they're a very bad boy! Try to import all of the dependencies of Infoboxes, and you'll put like a couple hundred templates all over your wiki... and it still will give you error messages. Complicated guys will all of their dependencies, you know?

Will he ever reform? Or are our cute, naive new users attracted to breaking the taboo of Don't import Wikipedia? Either way, this torrid love affair isn't going away, whether it ends in love or in tears.

2. Miraheze ❤️ WikiTide Foundation

This one, wow, they were cute apart before, but now that they got married, just imagine how many wiki babies they're going to have. Free, advertising-free hosting forever, happily ever after.

Admittedly, they got off to a pretty rocky start, with a lot of people leaving Miraheze to start a fork they called WikiTide. Doing all sorts of cool things with dedicated servers. But they couldn't stay away from the place they were born forever -- the prodigal sons returned, took over, and are happily back together.

Wait, if Miraheze is the mother of WikiTide, does that make it incest? Does the forbidden love make it hotter? We like to think so!

1. Our servers ❤️ 503 errors

Coming in first: The love that will never die! The Mediawiki servers always fall for the 503 Service Unavailable errors when you least expect it. Whenever a DDoS comes along, or a software is misconfigured, or a Redis instance dies, our servers always turn back to the the trustworthy 503, who will never abandon it to Fandom.

Except maybe to 502 errors? Is this a possible love rival?! Or will it get even hotter and become a throuple? If it ever turns into a three-way, you know who will be getting screwed -- you, the readers of our wikis.

That's it for the round up of the best ships for Spring -- but the year is just getting started! Let us know which ships you like in the comments below:


You forgot JustLeafy and gaming wikis. JustLeafy2k3 (talk) 07:55, 1 April 2024 (UTC)