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Hi, I am Dusti*poke* If you want to leave me a message, please use my talk page.

Contact me

I am Dusti Muniz, better known around the wiki world as Dusti. I am a Staff member who is happy to help out. I'm from the United States originally, however, I now live in Canada. I speak English and Spanish so if you want to contact me, please do so in either language. I am also the founder of TestWiki.

Outside of Orain, I am best known as an editor on Wikipedia where I have several thousand edits.


I'm 23 and just recently got married to my wonderful husband, Timothy. I live in a small town called Cornwall in the province of Ontario. I currently attending university majoring in Juvenile Justice. More to come :)

I have an SHA-512 committed identity. The hash is:  ⇒