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The following letter of resignation has been transmitted to the President of the Community Council at 10:43AM EST on 20 JANUARY 2014.

TO: The President of the Orain Community Council

CC: Councilors on the Orain Community Council

CC: Orain Stewards

SUBJECT: Formal Notice of Resignation

"Good morning, afternoon, or evening:
I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my positions of Community Councilor and Steward, effective immediately. 
Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me during my time with Orain; I have enjoyed my tenure with the organization.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to devote the time necessary to Orain in order to benefit it in the past few weeks, and I do not see this situation changing any time soon. It is not fair to the organization to be inactive and unavailable during its infancy (or at any time, for that matter), and I feel that you can find someone who has more time and a better skill set than I to replace me. 
I request that any rights assigned to my account for the purpose of fulfilling these duties be removed at the time of acceptance of this resignation by the council. I also request that I be removed from the Community Council members list. 
If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I can.
User:Joe G"