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Categories are eh so

CDN - We will be using '' on its own hosted off prod7.

DNS - Needs procedural changes to DNS as time goes by.

Access - RamNode needs removing when it becomes useless (e.g. Thursday)

Mail - REWRITE! It references the decommissioned prod1 and I am going to move away from mail being in /home/ so we don't clutter it up with legit stuff.

Monitoring - NAGIOS!

Pages we will need

NFS - two mounts; /mnt/upload (mediawiki uploads) and /mnt/private/ (private stuff; mediawiki uploads may be included here as well). These will point to prod7's Private IP. This *might* change still. We are not sure how prod7's usage will be considering it will get all web traffic, redis and all images. This will most likely be a prod8 if necessary.

Redis - our redis installation :D replacing Memcached in everything and more. Just need to document how we set it up; what runs here; what happens if we restart it - steps to prevent data loss or so if we do restart it and ofc; that it is password protected - so keep out!


Anything else?