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~~ A basic draft just covering the basics. As I made this - this is some-what official although making this *official* is something that needs to be organised ~~

System Administrators vs. the System Administrator on-wiki global group are two different thing.

  • System Administrators (Orain) are staff members who are responsible for managing the whole infrastructure behind the wiki. They have root access on all servers and will have access to a majority of services (SSL and GitHub Owner are the two main exceptions here). As Dusti has defined in the past, System Administrators are 'managed' by John as he does the most work in maintaining the infrastructure and defines most policies regarding access, usage and is 'on-call' constantly.
  • System Administrators (global right) are users/staff who have access to manage the MediaWiki instances via the servers. They may or may not have full access. System Administrators (Orain) are also included in this category although identifying staff against MediaWiki sysadmins will be relatively easy looking at how they interact.

The System Administrator global group is usually assigned by John at his discretion. This means, a system administrator may or may not be in the group - rationales can be provided by him if he is queried about it.

The global group does not give the users included in it any authority per se and should be taken as a symbolic tag only. The group does grant certain permissions on every wiki such as read rights, edit rights and general sysop rights. System Administrators (global group) are to only use these rights when necessary to prevent disruption to the service. These include blocking bots which are querying the API far too often, deleting or editing pages which may be far too resource intensive etc.. System Administrators (Orain) are also required to abide by these guidelines although may deem it necessary to do something outside of these guidelines. While all decisions should be left to the community - overriding an action marked as [sysadmin] should be avoided.