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NDKilla has been in Germany since June 17th and will return to the United States on August 20th. They will have reduced internet access and may not immediately reply to messages. For a quicker response on important matters feel free to try pinging NDK|Cloud on #orain, or emailing this user.
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Hello, I'm NDKilla. I am a Meta sysop. (verify), Orain Steward (verify), and system administrator (verify) You may also know me from the Orain TestWiki, [1], or possibly even English Wikipedia where I haven't been as active.

If you'd like, you are welcome to call me by my first name: Justin.

Also, I am a furry (even if I'm usually not so public about it when offline). You are welcome to call me Puppy if you'd like. Related, attwiki:WikiPuppy pretty much sums me up as a wiki editor.

I am an avid reader, and would love suggestions on good YA fiction books. I'm a fan of both Percy Jackson series and I just finished the first book in the "Eye of Minds" series I believe? I forgot what the first book in the series by James Dashner is called.

I am also a PC gamer that loves playing games like:

  • Path of Exile especially the new The Awakening expansion
  • Smite and League of Legends
  • Every Borderlands game ever (of which I recently bought the Humble Bundle for to get the DLC for the first game even tho I owned everything else. Go charity!)

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