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[[User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wikis/{{{id}}}|Write a description for this wiki.]]

12,000 edits

An Orain wiki since:
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Last updated:
February 2015
Created by:
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[[User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wikis/{{{id}}}|edit]]

What is this?

A box for identifying a wiki hosted on Orain. Mainly for use in a list of wikis like on User:Nclm/Explore Orain, but also for user pages (“my wikis”, “wikis I contribute the most to”, etc) or on the homepage (“featured wiki”).


  • Make a subpage for the wiki that needs a box (in User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wikis/ID, like User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wikis/allthetropes)
  • Then insert the subpage instead of the template (so it is reusable and the edit links work).
  • TODO: add the parameter nosub to use it directly (removes the edit links).
{{User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wiki item
| id            = <!-- Wiki ID, as in * -->
| name          = <!-- Name of the wiki -->
| creator       = <!-- Username -->
| creation date = <!-- Format: Month YYYY -->
| language      = <!-- Plain name of the language -->
| description   = <!-- Keep it short! -->