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File:No8wiredbot v1.0.png
A depiction of the No. 8 Wired bot.


This bot account is operated by AugurNZ.


See ##orain-no8wired on FreeNode IRC for details or to alert the operator if the bot looks like it might be misbehaving.


This bot account currently has global bot status on the Orain wiki farm. (verify)


This bot is currently running on Pywikipediabot (trunk) revision 11781, which is being run under the Ubuntu 12.04LTS operating system.


This is a multifunction bot that will eventually be available to service task requests from administrators of any Orain wiki.

Current Task

This bot is currently tasked with applying the "Deletion warning" template on the dormant wikis on TropicalWikis as part of the merger process.