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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a domain owned by Revi provided for Orain community members.

It uses Google Apps, so it uses gmail for email, and also works as a individual Google account. You may get SSH access to server dedicated for orain users.

Creating account

If you want an email address, you may send an email to account at with your desired username, first and last name. (You can send a psudonym, of course.)

Known problems

  1. It is known that the default language is set to Korean when you login for the first time. It is because the default language of the domainowner (Revi) is set to Korean. To see English, append &hl=en to the end of address. These steps can be used to change the default language (if you can't read Korean you can try Google translate to find the Settings-button).


You can send your donation by bitcoin using Bitpay. It will only be used for paying the domain fee ($10 every year) and Google Apps fee ($25 every year).

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