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Small list

  • File issue on GitHub:  Done
  • Get approval to use prod9: in progress
  • Get approval of used software/config: in progress

This plan describes how to set up prod9 for the proposed Labs environment.


For user directories. Apache knows the mod_userdir module. Nginx has an unofficial workaround (


Users can have their own SSH accounts, created via a special labswiki (an extension will run code like "exec("adduser escapeshellarg($user)");"), attach the public keys to it, etc. We can also look at the Wikimedia Labs extension, or a better/safer method for this. Allowing the shell_exec functions is dangerous anyway.


I don't have any knowledge about which software Wikimedia uses, how it works, how to do this, how to do anything.

A MariaDB instance should fetch the data from prod3/5, censore the private data (centralauth.globaluser/localuser.<pass column>, the oversighted users, <anydb>, oversighted revisions etc), and then stream it to all prod9 users.