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This tech guide shows how to change the configuration of an Orain wiki. It's especially useful when responding to Request features.



All the Orain wiki settings can be found on Orain's ansible-playbook on GitHub. If you don't already have a GitHub account, you'll need to sign up.

This guide assumes that you have at least a basic knowledge of GitHub and git in general. If you need any help with GitHub, see their help page.

Most wiki configuration settings are located in two files: /roles/mediawiki/files/localsettings/LocalSettings.php.j2 and /roles/mediawiki/files/localsettings/LocalExtensions.php. Rarely do you ever need to change any other files.

Wiki ID

Every Orain wiki has a wiki ID, which is the wiki's subdomain + "wiki". For example, since Orain Meta's subdomain is "meta" (from, its wiki ID is "metawiki". It's important to know a wiki's ID since it's used throughout the configuration.

Code style

Make sure to use the correct indention. Try to keep all the lists (e.g. arrays) in the code in alphabetical order.


Make sure that the requesting user is the founder and/or backed by local consensus of the wiki.


  1. Make sure the logo is uploaded locally to the target wiki. If uploads are disabled on the target wiki, you may upload it on Meta or Wikimedia Commons (you may want to leave a note indicating it's used as a logo on an Orain wiki). Otherwise, do not use files on Meta. DO NOT use files from any external sites!
  2. Get the file's actual url path by clicking on the image on its description page. For example, File:Orain.png is the Orain logo's file name, and is the full url path.
  3. Find the wgLogo array in LocalSettings.php.j2.
  4. Add the following line: 'wiki_id' => "url", (make sure to keep indentation the same and use quotation marks "" for the url). If the logo is uploaded on any Orain wiki, replace with //$wmgUploadHostname. If there is already an entry with the wiki's ID, just change the url parameter.


  1. Follow the same instructions as logo, except search for the wgFavicon array.

Disable anonymous (unregistered/IP) editing

  1. Find the wmgDisableAnonEditing array in LocalSettings.php.j2.
  2. Add the following line: 'wiki_id' => true, (be sure to make the indentation match and have ' ' around the wiki id)