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This page describes all user groups that can be given by Orain stewards, local bureaucrats or local administrators.

Local groups

User rights in this section can be granted locally.


Userrights in the above section are given based on local policies. It is advised that each wiki set up their own guidelines for the requirements for each permission (whether it be a requests page, an election, etc.). Stewards have the technical ability to manipulate all userrights on Orain wikis, however, they should avoid doing so unless their local rights would allow it.


When requested by either the user themselves or the community, local administrators or bureaucrats may remove the appropriate rights. Bureaucrat rights can be removed by stewards: the appropriate request should be made on Stewards' noticeboard.

Global groups

In the below section are global userrights. These rights apply to all wikis on Orain unless one has specifically opted out of certain ones. All of these rights, except for steward and sysadmin, are given at the discretion of the stewards.


  • Global bots: Given when a bot is operating on numerous Orain wikis and preforms general maintenance tasks.
  • Global rollbacker and Global sysops: Requested on Stewards' noticeboard and granted at the discretion of the stewards with the advice of the community.
  • Stewards: Granted by the Project Leaders on the advice of the existing stewards.
  • System administrators: Granted by the Project Leaders on the advice of the existing system administrators. It is usually given to users with shell access.

Restricted groups

Userrights in this section require identification.

For the above groups, see their respective pages for more information.


  • Stewards: See above.
  • CheckUser and Oversight: Granted by the stewards once a community holds a local election to choose the holder of the right. The community must be large enough to show significant benefit from a local functionary (discretion of the stewards). The user must also be considered trustworthy at a global level, since they will have access to private information that may be related to users of the farm who rarely or accidentally visit the local wiki.

Identification procedure

A user sends a government-issued proof of identity (passport, state-issued ID, driver's license, etc.) to Dusti for processing. If valid, the copy of the ID will be destroyed it, and a small record will be made including the name, the date of birth and the country of origin of the user. Once it is confirmed to be valid and has been duly logged and destroyed, it will be listed on the Identification log and the appropriate rights will be granted.