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Before requesting oversight access, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are identified to Orain, or willing to identify prior to receiving access
  2. Are 18 years, or older and the age of majority
  3. Are an administrator of meta

Place a request on this page, by transcluding a subpage, for example {{Meta:Requests for permissions/Oversight/Example}}. You will be denied access to this right if you fail to meet any of these criteria, even if you have community support. Please add a minimum ending date, allowing a full 5 day period from the first timestamp:

''Ending {{subst:#time:j F Y H:i|+5 days}} UTC''
  • Create a subpage in the /Oversight page, appending the request number if it isn't the first request. Example: {{Meta:Requests for permissions/Oversight/Example 2}}