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The staff members of Orain are the shell of Orain. They manage the day-to-day activities including wiki creation, wiki customization, and global activities. They also monitor the help email (help@orain.org) and more! Learn more about them below!


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Dustin Muniz (Dusti)

Dusti, 24 of Canada, is one of the co-founders of the Orain project. He manages the day to day financial operations and makes sure that things are running smoothly on the customer service side of things. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada close to the U.S. border. When contacting him, you can message him in English or Spanish. He can be reached via email, on IRC, or via his talk page.

John Lewis (John)

John, currently residing in England, is mostly the staffer managing Orain's technical infrastructure. He is the newest operations staffer yet also the main one now. As of July 2014, he is the most active staffer with regards to ensuring the infrastructure remains stable. As he lives in England, he is mostly on IRC (as JohnLewis) between 1600 UTC and 0000 UTC (Excluding some Mondays and Thursdays). He is available outside of the above time and when he is not IRC via email. Use either his personal email or john at orain.org. Any reports regarding Orain's infrastructure are best reported to John although Addshore have access as well. He is always willing to listen to feedback on his talk page.