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Oversight (sometimes referred to as Suppression) is the ability to delete pages, revisions, log entries, and files from the public view, with the additional ability to hide this content from normal Administrators (sysops). Only when the content is hidden from Administrators is it called Oversight/suppression.

Requesting Oversight

To request Oversight or to have content suppressed, contact the Stewards via email ( stewards(at)orain(dot)org ) or on IRC (#orain Connect). For more information please see Steward requests/Oversight.

Please do not request oversight on-wiki as the request itself may have to be oversighted and it may draw attention to the problem before an oversighter or Steward can handle the request.


Oversight/suppression is usually only used to:

  • Hide non-public personal information about a real individual. This could be private information about you or others
    • This includes a telephone number, an address or location, the name of a workplace or school, other online and offline identities, a date of birth, accidentally disclosed IP addresses, and (subject to oversighter judgment) other information of an identifying nature.
  • Hide clearly private, personal, or non-public information.
    • We suppress some highly sensitive and potentially harmful non-public information, even if it does not strictly help "identify" the person. In the past, we have suppressed content such as the self-disclosure of age or date of birth of a minor, or an individual's medical information. This is subject to oversighter discretion.
  • Remove clearly (or probably) libelous posts when we have no editorial need to keep the revision.
  • Remove gross vandalism that we would delete if usual deletion tools could deal with it. This includes grossly improper user names. (This is an interim policy and subject to change.)
  • Oversight may be used for other reasons: We are not likely to make other exceptions, but reserve the right to do so.

Oversight should be used in accordance with the guidelines above, and oversighters must not violate the Privacy policy or otherwise disclose oversighted content to non-oversighters.


Oversight permissions are granted at the discretion of Stewards by adding users to the Oversight user group. Requests for permissions should be left on Meta:Requests for permissions (for local rights) or on the Stewards' noticeboard (for local wikis or cross-wiki usage).


Users must identify themselves to Orain staff and be logged at the Identification log before they can be given Oversight permissions.