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Your donation has been received and will be updated on our Finances page shortly.


  • Where does the money go?
  • The money goes towards our hosting costs which vary from time to time. Obviously, the more of a community we have and the more wikis we create, the more space and bandwidth needed to operate.
  • Who has access to the money?
  • Our staff have access to the PayPal account, however, financial decisions are made by Dusti, as he's the founder and has made a financial commitment to the project and will contribute his own funds if/when needed.
  • Is the money safe?
  • The money is safeguarded by both physical safeguards as far as limitations on who can access the funds directly, and by technological safeguards in place by PayPal and Orain's bank, The Bank of Nova Scotia.
  • What if I want to make a donation but remain anonymous?
  • You can do so! It'll still be reflected in our Finances page, but we'll leave your name out and put Anonymous instead (and a personal message if you wish). Because of anti-fraud and anti-terrorism funding initiatives in North America (we say North America because our bank is in Canada but PayPal operates in the US) - your real name is disclosed to the Stewards who are bound by our Privacy Policy. Your information stays secure and is only released with your explicit permission, and only enough information is released to update our Finances page and/or whatever is compelled to be released by a court order that has jurisdiction over the Orain body.