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Welcome to your new wiki!

About your wiki

This is your wiki, hosted by Orain! After you log in, a steward will grant you permissions to customize your wiki the way you want it!

What do I do now?

To start, you can edit this page to make it yours. Show your style, what the wiki is about, and make it jazzy! Remember that a wiki is only as good as it's users. Orain uses Single unified login (see the box below and to the left) - so anyone that's currently on Orain can help you out. Invite your friends - or, if you're bringing a wiki from another place (ShoutWiki, Wikia, etc.) let those users know to come here as well.

Single unified login

When you create an account on an Orain wiki, it's automatically created on all of our wikis. And since you only have to log in once to be logged into all of them, you'll rarely have to type your password. Even better, we're the only wiki farm with fully forward-secret SSL to make sure your password will be kept safe.

What are you waiting for?

Go get started - and have fun!