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Explore Orain

Hi, if you want I can create an extension which can list all wikis (it will have the same style as the current pages, it will be something like Special:ExploreOrain and Special:ExploreOrain/sort/alphabetic, etc etc. What do you think? Southparkfan (talk) 11:45, 9 February 2015 (GMT)

Southparkfan: Great, that could be the way to do it, thanks!
I’m not exactly sure of how extensions and special pages work, but I think what’s important is that the individual elements remain editable on their own wiki pages, like User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wiki item becoming an actual template (so it can be used not only there but also on user pages, etc), User:Nclm/Explore Orain/Wikis/example (and others) being actual pages (so the description can be easily edited, and the boxes are reusable), and most of the styles (.wikilist-* and inline style="" for now) could be moved into MediaWiki:Common.css.
The special page would probably generate the list of {{Wikis/example}} then? And have the header, the sorting list, and (maybe) a footer? Is that possible? :) Nclm (talk) 12:32, 9 February 2015 (GMT)

Your recent wiki request

Hi Nclm, I just wanted to let you know that I have approved your recent wiki request. This wiki is now available for you to use. Check your wiki request for the appropriate URL (just in case we updated it). Also, I wanted to let you know that as the founder of the wiki, you automatically received the administrator and bureaucrat rights. These rights are quite powerful, so be careful using them. If you want a place to test them out to see how they work, check out our TestWiki. Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions. On behalf of the Staff, welcome to Orain! Southparkfan (talk) 15:54, 4 April 2015 (BST)

Thank you Southparkfan! Apparently I don’t have the administrator rights yet, but it may be that there’s some propagation time? Thanks again. Nclm (talk) 21:42, 5 April 2015 (BST)