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  • Hi,how can I upload video in my wiki?--Msnhinet8 (talk) 14:33, 10 August 2014 (BST)
Hi, please request it on RF - since I am not sure if it is allowed, I want to hear from system administrators. — ReviComplaint? 14:36, 10 August 2014 (BST)
It is alright. Just specify the file format and Revi will make a request. John (talk) 14:39, 10 August 2014 (BST)

IP Block

There's no need for you to have changed that block - I went ahead and applied a global block :) Dusti*Let's talk!* 19:45, 12 August 2014 (BST)

It looks like you did the wrong range : I think you should have blocked to block to - I tried to see 'it is already blocked' on (random address) and nothing appeared. (I am going to bed, so I will check reply later.) — ReviComplaint? 19:48, 12 August 2014 (BST)
This IP address is currently globally blocked. The global block log entry is provided below for reference:
17:55, 12 August 2014: Dusti ( globally blocked (expires on 12 February 2015 at 18:55) (spamming/blanking pages) (remove | modify)
I took the range from the WHOIS information :) Dusti*Let's talk!* 19:49, 12 August 2014 (BST)


can you please add to Lieutenant S., Geschichtsmeister des Lexipedium (talk) 23:14, 13 August 2014 (BST)

Tracked on GitHub. — ReviComplaint? 14:27, 14 August 2014 (BST)
 Done with github:320. — ReviComplaint? 19:22, 14 August 2014 (BST)

Kudu's Reconfirmation

Please note the candidate has provided an in-depth reason in regards to your oppose. As such, the discussion has been extended to allow time for reconsideration of your vote. Regards, Dusti*Let's talk!* 22:52, 2 September 2014 (BST)

I know it's closed now, but the reason I did not changed my mind was because I was not convinced by his comment. — ReviComplaint? 02:39, 7 September 2014 (BST)

Orain Site Update #2

This is an update of all technical changes and issues during the month of August.

Technical Changes
  • prod1 was removed from active maintenance on August 6th and removed from the cluster a week later.
  • Orain migrated from RamNode to DigitalOcean. The work began on August 17th
  • We moved away from Memcached to Redis for session and general caching on all Orain servers.
  • We added prod7 to the cluster during the migration. It is responsible for Redis and static content hosting.
Technical Issues
  • The job queue did not run any job for 4 days as a result of permissions errors with Redis. We have rolled back to using the database for this for now.
  • All wikis experienced database issues shortly after the migration as a result of MariaDB cache taking up excessive disk space. To fix this in the long term, prod5 was recycled as a new database server.
  • For an hour on the 25th of August, users occasionally got caching errors and log in issues as a result of Redis taking up excessive disk space.

On behalf of Orain staff, John (talk) 22:02, 6 September 2014 (BST)

Global Sysop actions

If you continue to use your global sysop flags to do actions that are unrequested (i.e. deletions, protections) - you will lose the flag. Your rights are meant to be there to aid when requested or when needed (i.e. spam attacks). I see you using the bit all too much when you're not a part of the local sysop community. Please stop. Dusti*Let's talk!* 02:59, 7 September 2014 (BST)

You're welcome to go ahead and post that on your user page. If that's a resignation, go ahead and post a request on the appropriate noticeboard and I'll take care of your global flag. The above was simply meant to be a reminder that you're supposed to remain in the background and assist on wikis where your tools are requested to be used to aid the local community (i.e. there is no active admin) or where you notice that your tools are required. If you are unclear on what I'm speaking about - feel free to email me and we can go in depth off wiki. Dusti*Let's talk!* 03:10, 7 September 2014 (BST)
This is not a resignation, just I think I need some break. (but apparently I chose wrong template from enwiki.) — ReviComplaint? 03:12, 7 September 2014 (BST)