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An administrator is a user who can protect and unprotect pages, delete and undelete pages, block and unblock users, and perform a variety of other tasks (see full list here). To become an administrator, make a request at Meta:Requests for permissions.

List of administrators

The following users have sysop rights on Meta.

  • Last updated: 27 February 2014
User name Languages spoken Other rights
Addshore en, de-1 steward, system administrator
Arcane en system administrator
Cyberpower678 en, de global sysop, wikicreator
David en, es-3, fr-2, de-1, el-1, ja-1
Dusti en, es-3 bureaucrat, steward
Joe G en, es-3 steward, wikicreator
Kudu es, en-4, fr-4 bureaucrat, steward, system administrator
NDKilla en, es-1 steward, system administrator, wikicreator
Technical 13 en
Wynter en, es-2