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When to use

Add this to articles that need help from other editors because they sound like advertisements. For example, they may tell users to buy the company's product, provide price lists, give links to online sellers, or use unencyclopedic or meaningless buzzwords.

The advert tag is for articles that are directly trying to sell a product to our readers. Don't add this tag simply because the material in the article shows a company or a product in an overall positive light or because it provides an encyclopedic summary of a product's features.

How to use

  • For articles needing major clean-up, place {{Advert|article}} at the top of the article to alert readers. Adding just {{Advert}} is equivalent to this.
  • To mark specific sections instead of the whole article, place {{Advert|section}} at the top of the section.
  • To replace the text "an advertisement", you may use {{Advert|article/section|yourtext}} or {{Advert|2=yourtext}}

Add a date parameter like this: {{Advert|date=July 2024}}. A bot will do this for you later, if you didn't.

This template adds articles to Category:Articles with a promotional tone


  1. {{Ad}}

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